What is acoustic?

Acoustic, formerly IBM Watson, includes:

Acoustic is a powerful multichannel marketing platform that utilises AI (understanding of customer 'intents') to create hyper-personalised customer journeys and deliver digital marketing and marketing automation.

Who is Acoustic for?

Acoustic is best suited to growing or larger commercial, ecommerce or government clients who wish to greatly optimise and refine their marketing campaigns and longer term customer acquisition. For smaller or start up clients, we have other great tools and platforms we can recommend.

Acoustic Connect

Multichannel marketing

Deliver a seamless, consistent customer experience by managing various channels – such as email, social media, SMS, messaging apps, web, and more – from one platform. Activating, automating, and managing marketing efforts is streamlined for improved marketing efficiency.

Creating personalised journeys

Move beyond isolated campaigns across disparate channels to comprehensive, personalized customer journeys. Unify all touchpoints and foster a deeper understanding of your customers’ needs, preferences, behaviors, and intent to meet – and exceed – expectations.

Behavioral experience insights

Gain in-depth visibility across the customer journey by uncovering behavior-based signals derived from users’ interactions on a brand’s website or app. Create captivating experiences by leveraging signals such as intent, frustration, and content and channel preferences.

Acoustic Campaign

Fast growth with powerful tools

Acoustic Campaign enables your brand to grow faster and build lasting customer connections by guiding you through insights, planning, and execution to create personalized, data driven experiences across channels.

Personalised, impactful experiences

Delivering a personalised experience based on behavioral data is key to driving and sustaining brand loyalty. With Acoustic Campaign, you can create tailored experiences across physical and digital touchpoints, driving repeat customers, and inspiring a loyal base of advocates for your brand.

Get better insights, make smarter decisions

Designed to offer flexibility and accommodate growth, with an intuitive user experience backed by powerful technology and robust capabilities, Acoustic Campaign integrates with your existing tools and systems to help increase efficiency, optimize the marketing process, and generate greater returns on investment.