About Contentful

Contentful allows you to:

- Organise content in a model tailored to your business

- Create content once, ready to ship everywhere

- Store 100% of your created content in a central hub

- Edit content without involving your developers

- Govern roles and permissions to manage your unique team

- Publish content to any digital product, platform or device

- Develop using the tools and languages that you love

Contentful features

Contentful provides content management as a service with features that simplify the process for both content editors and developers.

Content planning and development

Contentful has been used by many commercial and government clients to plan and develop content for new websites and other digital projects. It allows you to create content, place it into a content hierarchy (which matches the 'site map'), allow others to contribute to, review, edit and approve the content in context of where it will sit within the hierarchy.

A toolbox for editors

The web app allows editors to create unique content on any platform without help from the IT department, using:

- Rich editor interface built for authoring all types of content

- Multi language capabilities

- Flexible roles and permissions

- Customisable content modeling

Thinking of using Contentful?

Have a chat to our digital development and content strategy experts  on whether this is the right solution for you. Tell us about your project and request a call back or strategy session.