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Strategy & Analysis.

We are a proven and trusted partner to small businesses, commercial and government organisations for developing digital growth strategies and roadmaps.  

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Channel analysis and strategy development for ambitious brands

We help small businesses, commercial and government organisations analyse their current position and develop digital growth strategies and roadmaps.

This ensures all digital initiatives, budget and decision making is truly aligned to achieving your business goals and ensures you are making the most of your time and money.

The first step, is understanding your current position, your risks and opportunities.

Digital Growth Analysis involves the evaluation of your online presence, marketing strategies and customer interactions. By examining key performance metrics and market trends, this analysis empowers you to optimise your efforts, identify growth opportunities and mitigate risks.

We enable you to create what matters most to your customers and ROI

Our Approach to Digital Growth Analysis
At WellGood, our approach to Digital Growth Analysis is rooted in expertise, technology, and innovation. We leave no stone unturned to unlock valuable insights and drive growth.

1.    Comprehensive Data Collection: We gather data from diverse digital channels, including website analytics, social media metrics, advertising performance, and customer interactions.

2.    Strategic analysis: Our team of analysts meticulously evaluates the data, seeking patterns, trends, and correlations. We interpret the numbers and transform them into actionable recommendations.

3.    Benchmarking performance: We compare your performance against industry benchmarks and best practices, providing a clear picture of your standing in the digital landscape.

4.    Continuous Monitoring: Growth is an ongoing journey. We continuously monitor your digital performance, keeping you informed of progress and opportunities for improvement.

Tailored action plans: We work collaboratively with your team to develop a digital strategy or annual action plan or roadmap. The plans are focused on enhancing customer experiences, and achieving your growth goals over a set time period. They guide all of your digital channels working for website, socials, digital marketing, with tight focus on what activities give you the 'most bang for your budget'.

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