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Backed by a Google partner and expert team.

Increase the visibility of your website on search engine results pages (SERPs) with search engine marketing (SEM), also known as pay-per-click (PPC) marketing.

Most of your customers will find your business via a Google search and SEM is the best way for your business to rise to the top of the ranks with paid search advertising. SEM includes paid search - Google Ads, google shopping and Youtube ads. Wellgood has a small team of experts who can workwith you to get the best results and conversion rates.

We can help you get the most out of your marketing budget as you only pay for those visitors who actually click on your SEM advertising, you are spending your advertising dollars smartly. That’s where pay-per-click (PPC) comes into its own - you can start getting perspective customers, within even a small budget.

When you’re planning digital marketing for your business, SEO and SEM are two essential parts of your toolkit.

Not only are we Google partners and paid search management experts; we’re also well-versed in driving leads through all facets of digital advertising. Whether you are looking to kick start a new brand, build an awareness campaign around a new initiative, or if you are ready to focus on conversion rate optimization (CRO) in more mature campaigns or websites, we’ll work with you to build the right digital advertising and PPC solution to exceed your goals.

Google Ads Services include:
- Google Search Ads
- Google Display Network (Display Ads)
- Google Shopping Ads
- YouTube Ads

Search audit

What’s the point of a site if people can’t find it? Our audits include an in-depth discovery of your website’s search visibility, focused on three key areas of success: On-Site, Off-Site, and Competition. Audit price varies by site size.

Google ads

Our customer-focused approach and in-house design team ensures that when your users search, they are met with messages that resonate, and experiences that delight.

Search engine marketing is all about connecting with people who are actively looking for what you offer - there’s nothing quite like seeing your ad appear at the precise moment that people are looking for products and services like yours.

While SEO is fantastic for improving your website and laying the foundation for long-term success, when it comes to capturing user intent in real-time, nothing beats search ads.

Many clients come to us after they've found that when SEM isn't done well, it can feel like throwing money into a black hole. Without careful planning and expertise, you may end up wasting your budget on irrelevant clicks, low-quality traffic and ineffective ad campaigns. That's why it's crucial to partner with experienced professionals like us at WellGood. We'll navigate the complexities, monitor and refine the campaigns, mitigate the risks, and ensure your SEM campaigns are set up for success, maximising your ROI and driving real results.

Video ads - Youtube advertising

Did you know YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world? Yep. All because we can’t help ourselves when it comes to video content. Our digital strategists know how to find your audience within this vast network and how to implement video to maximise engagement and ROI.

Our team work with you to understand your brand, campaign objectives and audiences, crafting compelling content and stunning videos to leave a lasting impression.

If you need more information on Youtube advertising have a ready of our article...

Google shopping

We've found that a solid Google Shopping campaign can relieve a lot of ecommerce pain and lead to conversion success. With its powerful product listings, wide reach and targeted ads there's no better way to be top, front and centre to your ideal customers.

Our SEM experts are here to help

Get in touch with our marketing experts for all the support you need to manage a successful Google Adwords campaign to grow your business. Tell us more about your project or request a no obligation quote. We offer very competitive pricing.

Why choose us?

Well Good Creative brings both international and local experience with ex Google staff, strategic advice at very competitive prices and more.
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Transparent and competitive pricing. We offer fixed management fees for our services and are experts in saving our clients money and get best value from Google.
Better ROI
Our total focus is on generating a positive return on investment for our clients, with proven results.
Efficiency & reporting
Every client is assigned a project manager to ensure we can quickly and efficiently deliver. Regular reporting with transparent, measurable results.
NZ SEM specialists
Our team are NZ specialists and experts in designing and managing digital marketing and search.