Improve your visibility, drive traffic, boost revenue.

Targeting audiences with "purchase intent" means more customers buying.

Google Shopping provides a platform to improve the visibility and accessibility of your online business.

The power and benefits of the platform can help you transform your ecommerce business by providing a channel to target audience with “purchase” intent.

Google shopping listings offer more than traditional text based ads, consisting of images (thumbnails of products), headline, price, product rating and brand name. Moreover, these listings appear at the top of the search results providing greater visibility for your brand.

WellGood Digital provides campaigns that blend strategic, technical and creative flair to maximise your return on ad spend (ROAS) and boost your eCommerce revenue.

We've found that a solid Google Shopping campaign can relieve a lot of ecommerce pain and lead to conversion success. With its powerful product listings, wide reach and targeted ads there's no better way to be top, front and centre to your ideal customers.  

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