Google Ads platform

What are the Google Ad channels?

As a Google Ads Agency in Wellington, our team of experts has a wide range of experience managing search campaigns across the following 4 Google channels: Search, Display, YouTube and Shopping.

Our team is one of the very few in NZ that has ex Google team members who have also worked on international websites and ecommerce projects.


Enhance your business’s online visibility with text ads that secure your business’s position at the top of the search engine results page. To ensure sustainable results, your Well Good ads manager will constantly work to minimise cost per click and maximise conversions.

Search engine marketing is all about connecting with people who are actively looking for what you offer - there’s nothing quite like seeing your ad appear at the precise moment that people are expressing their intent. Sure, SEO is fantastic for improving your website and laying the foundation for long-term success, but when it comes to capturing user intent in real-time, nothing beats good old search ads.

Well Good can set up and manage the Google Ad Platform account for your business, initiate campaigns and monitor their success.

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Maximise the impact of your ads with eye-catching digital advertising that reach your customers as they browse the millions of websites on the internet. Our talented designers will create compelling, and interactive, display ads that drive clicks from high-intent audiences.

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Reach engaged audiences with the world’s second largest search engine: YouTube. Our YouTube experts conduct ongoing management to capture high-performing keywords and ensure the ads’ messaging reflects the viewer’s stage in the customer journey.

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Convert ready-to-buy searchers into paying customers through targeted Google Shopping Ads. Our team will utilise real-time data insights to create a custom Google Shopping Ads strategy that actively introduces valuable customers to your ecommerce store.

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Managing your Google Ad Platform

Well Good can set up, configure and manage your campaigns under our Google Ad Platform account, to ensure you get the most out of your campaigns and marketing budget.