Are You OK?

Digital development & product strategy and a SEM boost for new government family violence programme.
Often women don't know if their relationship is safe or where to seek information and assistance in a situation where they feel unsafe. They may not know what support is available, for themselves and their children.

To address this need, Well Good supported MSD in a digital strategy and specialist role to create new brand identity, website and self-assessment tool, for the domestic violence prevention programme, Are You OK to replace the existing website.

Once the new website and tool were live brand recognition, reach and engagement were relatively low. So our SEM specialist assisted the team to deliver an initial digital marketing campaign.

Are you OK - image of display ads for digital marketing campaign,
Are You Ok Logo from MSD for digital marketing
Are You OK marketing campaign - image of phone with ad

To address these need, our team worked closely with MSD to analyse the issues and outline a new strategic plan for both the website and subsequent search marketing campaign.

Digital strategy and development support: We supported the team to draft a new digital programme strategy for women seeking information and help for domestic violence, outlining a schema for the website, marketing and self-assessment tool integrated with the phone helpline.

Search marketing: The aims were to attract traffic, gain brand recognition and greater use and engagement in the self-help tool 'check it out'.

The plan included a new set of Google Ads, that were managed and adjusted regularly, and a suite of animated, digital display ads for Google and across the wider internet, on the websites that everyday New Zealanders use. We also set up and configured Google analytics, ready to monitor their conversion goals and funnel.

The project successfully delivered digital programme with a range of integrated tools and information for the website.

After an initial 3-month campaign, on a very limited budget, we proudly presented the results to MSD:

Users and new users: An increase of over 35%.
Bounce rate reduction of 22%.
Traffic from CPC: 51%
Average CPC: less than 33c
Ad impressions: 226K

Thanks to Emma, Tim, Alice, Anna and Suzie from the Help Porta/It's Not Ok team.

Ad impressions

In New Zealand, on campaign spend of less than $55 per day - greater brand recognition within a tight budget.


increase in new users

As well as over 35% increase in other users, means we were attracting both new people and those that had visited before.