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Redefine Morfit's ecommerce strategy and conversion rate. The goals were to improve Morfit's online conversation rate and customer acquisition and retention as well as highlighting the product benefits for new target audiences.
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Well Good worked closely with the Morfit's team to define the strategy and test solutions. We implemented optimisations to their suite of B2C websites, particularly the landing and product pages. We improved the Shopify design and added custom tracking code. We delivered successful Google Ad and Google Shopping campaigns, as well as optimising their global 3PL as assisting them to find and retain their China-based supply chain.

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The suite of Morfit websites to be a powerful B2C customer conversion and retention tool for a range of audiences. Together with the digital marketing campaigns, improved landing and product pages, and a custom Shopify tracking, conversion rates have now reached 14% from a starting point of 3%.

Thanks to Martin and the team at Morfit.


Outstanding customer conversion from landing page, check out and digital marketing optimisations.


Satisfied Customers

Across the international website for online sales in AU, NZ, UK and USA.