Composable DXP

What is a DXP?

DXP stands for 'digital experience platform'. A DXP is a sophisticated platform which manages digital marketing, website and/or ecommerce and customer engagement services such as apps, SMS etc.

In the past, businesses may (and many still do!) purchase traditional DXPs which were large, expensive and quite monolithic. Now, as businesses increasingly look to adopt headless CMS, 'best of breed' SaaS services (like Shopify or Webflow) and microservice architectures, people are looking to replace these traditional DXPs with a more modern and nimble solution - composable DXPs.

What is a composable DXP?

Composable DXP is a carefully selected set of 'best of breed' applications and services, often micro services, integrated together to provide a complete DXP. Typically, this will include a headless CMS (to manage and distribute your content across multiple channels), with other services that suit the needs of the business including CRM, ERP, marketing automation, A/B testing and optimisation, ecommerce if appropriate together with web development approaches like Jamstack.

With this 'mix and match' approach, you can build a truly efficient and beneficial marketing and customer engagement platform cost effectively, that matches exactly what you need for your business or agency, delivering great benefits to your engagement levels, marketing budget and bottom line.

More than just a website. There are huge advantages to using a composable DXP for NGOs, larger charities, medium to large businesses and large social marketing campaigns, and we're happy to talk you through some of the options and advantages.